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Setting direction of career

Please use the test explanation to interpret the attached test result and refer to it when setting your career.

Data on the test results can be used as a reference for Advisor mentoring.

Introduction to Aptitude test

Brain Orientation Suitability Inventory (BOSI) is the world’s first brain cognitive aptitude test by Brain OS Institute, based on brain; our very foundation for thinking and acting. By analyzing the brain orientation innate in each subject, BOSI was designed to delve intotypes of brain, suitable academic major or fields, and match with others.

What is BOSI?

There is no good or bad brain. There is only a compatible brain.

Brain Orientation Suitability Inventory (BOSI) is an aptitude test which is designed to delve into the types of brain, suitable academic major or fields, and match with others. Based on brain science research findings, BOSI allows you to design the academic or career paths best suited for your brain type among out 8,192 brain categories


Brain orientation can also be described as your innate brain type.Everyone has his or her own method of brain orientation. Here, brain orientation was categorized into a total of eight types (four right-brain and four left-brain oriented types) based on how your brain perceives, conceives, and behaves when you are exposed to external stimulation. Find more about your type of brain orientation in the following eight types.

IntuitiveRight Brain

Right-brain oriented with great intuition, with keen sensitivity, fast processing, and skillful response. Adequate careers include entertainment such as comedian, actor, singer, dancer, etc. In addition, artistic endeavors include designer and artist, or TV series or comedy writers. In daily activities, these people tend to excel at cooking, beauty styling and others.

Perceptive Right Brain

Shows advanced interpersonal communication skills, and can catch or respond mental and mood changes easily and quickly. Prospective career paths include entertainment such as TV series or comedy writers, counselling, PR and marketing, interpersonal service, media and communication, and HR-related positions.

StrategicRight Brain

These people show great insights into the future with strategic thinking, and mostly show high level of realistic sensibility and make reasonable decisions. Recommended areas include those which require good interpersonal skills including PR and marketing, business management, politics, diplomacy and strategy, organization management, and leadership.

Conceptual Right Brain

With sophisticated rational thinking, these people show evenly balanced opinions, and can juggle between reasonable and radical thinking. Adequate areas include those which need strong mathematical intuition, such as finance, accounting, mathematics, physics, statistics, logic, media reporting, and journalism.

Logical Left Brain

With great concept-building competencies, these people are great at setting, designing, and realizing their unique concepts. Best possible career paths include philosophy, sociology, policy planning, IT, newspaper reporting, and concept designing.

Scientific Left Brain

With great competency in experimenting and researching, these people look into their research subjects based on strong inquisition through experiments. Adequate areas of interest include natural and medical science which require unique perspective when observing and experimenting, such as biology, geoscience, and chemistry. Other prospective career paths include hard-boiled humanities, including economics and history.

Integrative Left Brain

Strong at inquiring and converging various areas in a new way, and have excellent capabilities in applying theories into practice. Prospective jobs are mainly distributed in the electric and electronic, computer, chemical or architectural engineering.

Engineering Left Brain

With excellent analytic and problem-solving skills, these people excel at analyzing and categorizing their research subjects, driven by strong intellectual curiosity. Adequate career paths include engineering jobs related to physics, including metal, civil, and mechanical engineering positions.


Right-brain activation can be described as the “relationship between brain and the environment,” which shows how your innate brain was affected by your surroundings. In particular, excess studying or continuous stress can cause negative impact on activating your right-brain. Each type describes the level of your sensibility, creativity, linguistic sense, practicality, artistic sensibility, creativity, and more.


Practically-driven, and does not fantasize idealism.


Tries to remain calm than actively expressing one’s sensibilities.


Full of colorful sensitivity and creativity.

Artistically Imaginative

Right-brain oriented, with great artistic imaginations and creativity.

Scientifically Imaginative

Left-brain oriented, with excellent imaginative and scientific creativity.

Leadership Type(Index showing passion, energy, and desire for challenges)

This behavioral orientation explains your passion and challenging spirit. You can tell how you are good at leading others based on your level of progressiveness. Here, you can also identify whether you can be a leader who persuade and lead others to achieve the common goals. Check which type of leadership you possess among various leadership types according to your level of progressiveness.


Stays away from starting something new.


A soft but strong leader who makes careful decisions.


A leader who pursues his/her goals in a harmonious way.


Right-brain oriented and charismatic leaders who aspires to guide their followers.


Left-brain oriented leaders who show professionalism in his/her given area of expertise

Sociability Type(Index showing thoughtfulness for others)

This shows the level of consideration to others, explaining how a subject is tolerant or selfish based on his/her nature of mingling and treating others. In addition, you can predict the range of his/her social skills or adaptability to organizational culture.


Thrives on independent lifestyle.


Gets along well only with those of his/her liking.


Puts highest priority on building relationships with others.


Right-brain oriented people who show unconditional love for others.

Pureat Heart

Left-brain oriented people who respect and show candid feelings to others.

Fulfillment Type(Index showing work completion)

This behavioral tendency lets you know how a person completes his/her task diligently. Each type gives a glimpse of the level of practicality and its consequences. Practical orientation allows you to check your studying habits, focus on the given tasks, exemplary lifestyle, academic performances and more.


Strongly reluctant to be restricted by organization or system.


Choose and implement only the tasks which the subject is inclined to.


Take full responsibility and carry out given tasks.


Makes tireless efforts with unyielding execution

Physicality Type(Index showing physical activity)

This is a behavioral tendency found in people who is inclined to solve issues on-site with their body. By analyzing the level of physical movement of each type, BOSI allows you to understand how subjects solve issues. Therefore, testers can find out whether the subject is a static problem-solver or a person who wants to confront the issues directly using their bodies.


A silent type who enjoys leisurely and freehanded time.


Physically active, yet at the same time lazy.


Thrives on physical activities.


Shows significantly high level of physical energy.

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